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We all have two hemispheres to our brain…a right and a left.  The right side of our brain is known to be the more creative side whereas the left side of our brain is more analytical.  Therefore, when creating art it is ideal for students to be using the right side of their brain.  I can always tell when students have made the transfer to the right brain because they are focused and are not talking to the other kids (the left side of our brain is responsible for language). Our goal would be to access whichever side of the brain will help us best achieve what we are trying to learn, so when the kids are in my class I try to encourage them to talk less and focus more.  Most people think you can create fabulous art while talking away, but generally the best art comes from people who are very focused on what they are doing.  That makes sense, doesn’t it?

I have been teaching art to students of all ages since 1999.  I love my job, helping kids create and the joy of creating art all day long, what more could I ask for?  I have been teaching elementary art since 2001, but started off my career teaching high school. People always ask me which age I like to teach the most and I honestly love them all for different reasons.  My favorite moments are when a student does something they are proud of and you can see it on their face.

On a more personal note I am married to Jeremy, he works at Comcast as a software engineer.  We have two children, Tate, thirteen years old, and Mason, eleven years old.  We also have a Bernese Mountain Dog to our family, her name is Tellie.  We are avid skiers and also love to bike, swim, hike, and play together.  My whole family gets annoyed with how many pictures I take, but they love that I take the time to document their lives through scrap booking and iMovies (in hindsight of course).

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