Disney Character Drawing Videos

Disney Character Drawing Videos

There is a great series of videos that Disney put out teaching kids how to draw their characters. The unfortunate thing is that it on YouTube which is blocked on the devices that the kids have from the district. If you have your own devices at home I recommend the videos as they are actual Disney artists teaching how to draw the characters step by step. Click here to see the videos.

Art Supplies for Distance Learning

Art Supplies for Distance Learning

Hi amazing Franklin Families! I wanted to put out some ideas of art supplies you can purchase if you feel inclined to do so while we are doing or remote learning. This is 100% optional! Once we begin school again after break my lessons for your child will be based on simple materials that families should have – like paper and pencil! Your child will need pencil and paper (ideally) and preferably a black sharpie to outline with – trust me when I say this makes their artwork look a LOT better.

Most of these items listed below are the same brand we use at school (thank you Franklin Families for participating in Art to Remember so I can afford these items).

Watercolor Paints – I find this brand to be much higher quality than Crayola watercolors, but those work too! My only warning with this brand is that they do get sticky, so your kiddo may end up using FAR more paint than they need on their paper – watercolor should not be opaque (not see through) and if you notice that it is stick remind them to use more water – trust me when I say I’ve told them this more than once! 🙂 FYI – this comes with a paintbrush

Oil Pastels – bigger sets will have more color choices, but they can mix to create their own colors as well!

Sketchpad – I only recommend this if your child is going to paint on the paper, otherwise copy (printer) paper works just fine and is a better value

Tempera Cakes – these allow your artist to have a more opaque paint than watercolors and they are less expensive than watercolors.

Permanent Markers – these are awesome and the kids LOVE them – you can also use Sharpies although those are usually more expensive – Costco has them in their warehouse for a pretty good price

Crayola Markers or The Awesome Crayola Marker Set – any kind of markers work! Find what’s best for your budget

Paintbrush Set – I think they have paintbrushes at the grocery store – just be aware that cheap brushes tend to fall apart and the bristles fall out after a period of time.

Crayons – Most kids don’t prefer crayons in my classroom, but they are really a great cheap art supply! I love the twist kind because the ends get dull on the kind that are wrapped with paper.

Colored Pencils – Prismacolor makes the best colored pencil and this is their “school” brand – i.e. a little more affordable. You can use Crayola or similar brands as well, but the lead is not nearly as soft which means colors aren’t as vibrant.